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Our lab uses a wide variety of instruments for synthesis, characterization, and device fabrication. Interested in using one of our instruments or starting a collaboration? Contact us!

Fumehoods and Chemistry Glovebox | Bryton Varju

Solvent System | Harrison Mills

Centrifuges and Thermomixers | Peter Liu

Variable Temperature Fluorimeter | Bryton Varju

Optical Microscope | Harrison Mills

Electrochemistry | Alicia Battaglia, Eloi Grignon

Thermogravimetric Analyzer | Bryton Varju, Eloi Grignon

Room Temperature THF Gel Permeation Chromatography | Victor Lotocki

Viscometer | Alicia Battaglia, Eloi Grignon

Blade Coater | Alicia Battaglia, Eloi Grignon

Spin Coaters | Tom Xu

Atomic Force Microscope | Alicia Battaglia, Victor Lotocki

Battery Fabrication and Testing | Alicia Battaglia, Eloi Grignon